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Planned Giving: Stephan Family

Planned Giving: Stephan Family

Last month, I got an email that started with “I am interested in making a donation in the name of my father.” The email went on to ask about donor information and thus began a conversation over email and phone which led to a sustainable gift to Act One. Cary, the son of Ted Stephan, was looking for an organization that connected underserved children with the arts. We are thankful that Act One’s mission and purpose resonated with the memory of his father. I asked Cary to share a few words…

Theodore “Ted” Stephan (1926-2020)

Theodore “Ted” Stephan (1926-2020) knew from personal experience that exposure to the arts can elevate and transform lives. Raised during the Great Depression and World War II, he developed a deep appreciation of music early on through his mother, who was a gifted pianist and opera lover. Later, in high school, he found a lifelong love of dance and could be found out on the dance floor at least weekly through his 93rd year. A passionate fan of the opera, Ted organized a special showing of The Great Caruso for an Ft. Lauderdale, FL elementary school in the mid-1970s along with the transportation. His family is honored to have this opportunity to help Act One bring the underserved communities of Arizona to the arts.

We are grateful for the Stephan’s family support of Act One. A Planned Gift is a wonderful way to support an organization like Act One to ensure that our arts field trip programs are sustainable and continue to impact the lives of children in Arizona. Their gift is bound to ignite the same passion in many more children that inspired Ted Stephan’s lifelong love of the arts.

To see how you can create a legacy gift that will leave a lasting impact, click the button below:

Act One Planned Giving

Thank you again for your generous support,

Bernadette Carroll, Executive Director

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