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The future of field trips is here for schools in Arizona!

Request a free visit from our VR Specialists! We will come to YOUR CLASSROOM with our custom, ground-breaking virtual reality program as your students will be inspired as we tell the story of Freedom in Expression.


✔️ Our VR Specialists come to your classroom with our custom bus cases and VR Arts Immersion headsets. All we need is a place to plug in!

✔️ Our VR Specialists present the experience and work alongside the teacher to host class discussions. 

✔️ We are MOBILE, while based out of Phoenix we are serving students across Arizona, including rural schools! 

✔️ Act One can accommodate up to 45 students per time slot* and four groups per school day. 

✔️ Our experience runs a minimum of 60 minutes with a survey for students and teachers at the end. (We have flexibility to extend and further engage your students in the material!)

✔️ Title I schools can request our experience visits for FREE! All we ask is for your participation in our surveys before and after your experience! 

✔️ Are you a non-Title I school? You can book, too! Ask us about pricing! (Typically, ESSA and ESSER funds will fund our program costs.)

We love to work with groups of classes and are booking through April 2023! Simply indicate in the form if you have several teachers/classes that would be interested in the same date and follow the prompts.

To Request and Schedule an Act One VR Arts Immersion™ visit:

Check out our calendar of service dates below. 

Select your preferred date within the calendar, when you find one that works for your schedule, click it and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the REQUEST A FIELD TRIP button. These requests are prioritized by first come, first served, however, requests for VR Arts Immersion will remain open throughout the school year.  

Time slots are:
Early Morning – 7:30am-9:30am
Mid-Morning – 9:30am-11:30am
Early Afternoon – 11:30pm-1:30pm
Late Afternoon – 1:30pm-3:30pm

(For groups, please indicate your choice in order of whose class we should attend as your prompted in the form.)

Indicate the desired start time within the window (this should be your specific class start time). Please note that our experience runs 60 minutes.

Fill out all required information and hit “submit.” Act One will review your request and work to accommodate your date and time selections! 

Act One will either confirm your request or send you additional date options.  

Once confirmed, Act One will check to see if your district/school has an agreement on file with us. If not, we will send one over to have filled out prior to the experience.  

In the weeks leading up to your VR visit we will send over accompanying educational materials! You can also grab them early on our “Teacher Resources” webpage.

Resources for Teachers

Act One provides a variety of resources that help teachers integrate the arts into their school days.


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