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Below are frequently asked questions by teachers about the Act One Field Trip program. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can download a pdf of these FAQs HERE.

How It Works

Each summer, Act One will publish the full list of field trip opportunities for the upcoming school year. This calendar of trips will include important information such as genre, recommended grade levels and more to help educators choose the best fit for their group. Registration for field trips will begin in August through our online registration form.

When you submit your Act One field trip request, we recommend selecting a few back-up options for your group as many of our field trips do tend to fill up. Our Field Trip Manager will work with you to find the best fit for your students. Once your field trip has been confirmed, Act One will send you an agreement outlining additional field trip guidelines to sign and return within 14 days. If your school has previously partnered with our program, we may already have an agreement on file with your school.

We want to ensure that each field trip experience is an enjoyable experience for not only the students, but also the schools. Once you are signed up for your trip, Act One will provide you with all the information needed to make your field trip a success!

Act One works with the arts organizations on behalf of the schools to reserve seats (or tour times), pays the cost of admission for students and chaperones, sends classroom materials that tie in with each field trip and reimburses for the full cost of busing associated with each field trip. If your school does not have access to district busing, Act One will help coordinate chartered transportation for your group. Your school is responsible for paying the $1 per person participation fee which will be invoiced closer to your field trip date.

Act One works with some of the best professional performing arts groups and museums in Arizona. Groups include Arizona Theatre Company, Ballet Arizona, Childsplay, The Phoenix Symphony, Arizona Opera, Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Tucson Museum of Art and the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, to name a few. These organizations are known for presenting high-quality arts experiences and are experts in their art forms. They also have experience in educating children about the arts and aim to provide an engaging, inspiring experience for students.

Waitlist & Cancellations

We will do our best to accommodate your group with one of your field trip choices. If all the field trips you are interested in attending are full and there are no other field trips you would like to participate in, we will add your group to a wait list for the show. Please let us know if you want to participate in a specific field trip so we can add you to the waiting list.

If you must cancel your field trip, it is crucial that you do so several weeks in advance and that you let Act One know as soon as possible so that we can open those seats up to another group. Often, we must turn groups away because a field trip is full, and if you cancel at the last minute, we are unable to fill those seats. Act One pays anywhere from $3 to $10 per seat whether a student is sitting in it or not. So please be courteous and let us know if your class is unable to attend in a timely manner.


At Act One, our goal is to serve students whose families and schools are unlikely to have the means to bring them on educational arts field trips. Act One works with public K-12 schools that serve a high percentage of students from households that qualify for free or reduced lunch and are part of the Federal Title I Schoolwide program.

To be eligible for our field trip program, your school must be designated as Title I with at least 40% of students on free and reduced lunch. Please note that demand for our program has grown significantly since we began in 2011, and schools with the highest percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch will be given priority when placing schools on field trips.

Act One tracks Title I data through several reliable sources, including the National Center for Education Statistics, Arizona Department of Education and Read On Arizona (for elementary schools only). To qualify for the Act One field trip program, a school must be designated as school-wide Title I with at least 40% of the student population on free or reduced lunch. If your school’s data isn’t available on of these sites, or you believe the data is incorrect, please contact Act One.

*Please note that the formula Act One uses to calculate the NCES Title I percentage is:

A school can book multiple field trips with Act One; however, we do ask that the same student only attends one field trip through Act One per year. This allows us to bring even more students on field trips to the arts.

For example, your 3rd graders can go on a field trip to Show A, your 4th graders can go on a field trip to Show B and your 2nd graders can go on a field trip to Museum C, but your 3rd graders cannot go on a field trip to Show A and Museum C.


The school is responsible for a $1 per person participation fee, which includes all students and adults (teachers + chaperones) attending the field trip. Act One covers the cost of admission as well as the cost of busing.

Act One will ask for your final headcount 3 weeks before your field trip date. After we receive your attendance numbers, you will be emailed a copy of your invoice. If you need a quote or invoice sooner, let us know.

Act One does not require payment to be made before the field trip date. Invoices need to be paid within one month of your field trip date unless prior arrangements have been made with Act One.

Payment is due to Act One directly. Purchase orders and checks should be made out to ACT ONE, not the venue you are visiting. Do not pay the venue or bring cash with you on the day of the trip as we cannot guarantee Act One staff will be onsite.

Act One accepts credit/debit cards, purchase orders, money orders, checks and cash. Cash payments need to be made in person at our Phoenix office. All checks need to be mailed to the address below. Card payments need to be made by phone at (602) 343-6239.

Act One
910 E Osborn Road, Suite C
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Act One accepts purchase orders. Purchase orders can be sent via mail, fax or email.

Your invoice reflects the final attendance given to Act One. Once you have submitted your final numbers, those seats are reserved for your group and cannot be transferred to another school. Because your seats are being held specifically for the number of students and adults you confirmed, your school is responsible for paying the $1 per participation fee for each seat reserved even if those students don’t attend.

Three weeks before your field trip date, you will be asked to submit final numbers to Act One. You will be invoiced based on this headcount, and we ask that you do not make drastic changes to this number. If you need to increase your attendance numbers after submitting the final headcount, please contact us to see if you can accommodate your request. If your attendance numbers are adjusted, you will receive an invoice with the updated total.


Every school district has different guidelines for booking school buses, and we recommend checking with your school for their procedures. Act One does not book district school buses, and it is your responsibility to ensure your transportation is secure.

Act One recommends booking district transportation as early as possible to ensure your group’s spot. Many of the school districts we work with have limited availability on busing availability that fills up quickly.

Act One will book and pay for charter transportation for your group to attend the field trip. Act One cannot guarantee that charter busing will be available, so it is imperative that you let us know as early as possible if you need a bus chartered for your group.

If your school has a specific charter company that you enjoy working with, please let us know and we will try our best to book through your preferred company. Bus details will be provided to you once Act One has confirmed the transportation booking.

Act One provides reimbursement for the cost of transportation, using district buses, to/from the field trip. To reimburse for the busing, the school/district will need to send Act One an invoice detailing the busing costs.

Details for your field trip including recommended arrival time will be provided on your individual field trip’s page. If your district is providing buses, it is up to you to share this information with the district’s transportation department.


Email is the best way to contact us. Our email address is

The best way to stay up to date with the exciting opportunities that Act One offers to schools and educators is by signing up for our email list.

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