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February Culture Pass Spotlight: Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

February Culture Pass Spotlight: Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

The Phoenix area, more specifically the Salt River Valley, was once home to the Huhugam, or Hohokam as is known in English. The Hohokam lived in the area for around 1,400 years and it was not until the late 1300s that they abandoned the Salt River Valley, leaving over 1,000 miles of incredible canal systems behind. The Pueblo Grande Museum centrally located in Phoenix just off the freeway preserves an archaeological site that includes a museum detailing the history of the Hohokam communities in the area.

The museum building has four main exhibits: The Land and the People, Landscapes and Lifeways, a changing exhibit gallery, and the Dig It! Gallery. The first two exhibits located on the south end of the building educate visitors on the history of the Hohokam in the Salt River Valley and include a map that shows other archaeological sites in the area. The Dig It! Gallery is an interactive exhibit showing how archaeologists investigate what they find on digs and how that informs their research.

The entire museum and outdoor trail system is appropriate for adults and children and provides an opportunity for both locals and visitors from out of town to learn about the indigenous people of Arizona. Outside on the trails, visitors can see the preserved remnants of the Hohokam buildings like the main platform mound and the ballcourt as well as replicas such as the adobe compound and pithouse. One of the trails allows visitors to go up a sloped, paved path to the top of the platform mound, giving an excellent view of the entire site. 

All of Pueblo Grande Museum, including the trails outside, are completely ADA accessible. For those who need assistance walking from time to time, there are wheelchairs available for use on the outdoor trails. The museum also offers umbrellas for rainy days or, the more likely case, the days when the sun is very strong. It is important to plan ahead and bring a water bottle and wear a hat and sunscreen. During the warmer months, it is recommended to visit the museum earlier in the day as afternoon temperatures can become difficult to be in for extended periods of time. 

If you would like to check out a Culture Pass to visit the Pueblo Grande Museum, please visit our website at to find a library close to you where Act One Culture Passes are available.  

Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park | 4619 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 | 602-495-0901​

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