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The future of field trips is here for schools in Arizona!

Request a free visit from our VR Specialists! We will come to YOUR CLASSROOM with our custom, ground-breaking virtual reality program as your students will be inspired as we tell the story of Freedom in Expression.

Experience Details: 

✔️ Our VR Specialists come to your classroom/organization with our custom bus cases filled with VR Arts Immersion headsets, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. All we need is a place to plug in and chairs/tables for participants!

✔️ Our VR trip, Freedom in Expression, takes participants on a 360° visual and audio journey connecting the history of public art to the Mexican Mural Movement with a muralist in modern-day Chicago and ground-breaking female mariachis in Tucson.

✔️ We are MOBILE, while based out of Phoenix we are serving students across Arizona, including rural schools! 

✔️ Our VR Specialists present the experience and work alongside the teacher to host class discussions. 

✔️ Our experience runs 60 minutes with a survey for students and teachers at the end.

✔️ Act One can accommodate up to 45 students per class and four classes per school day. If you have several teachers/classes that would be interested in the same date, simply indicate in the form and follow the prompts.

✔️ Title I schools can request our VR experience for FREE!

✔️ Are you a non-Title I school? You can book, too! Our fee is $350 per class. (Typically, ESSA and ESSER funds will fund our program costs.)

✔️ We love to visit Community Organizations, as well! Our fee is $350 per session.

✔️Recommended for 5th-12th graders and Ages 10+

Resources for Teachers

Act One provides a variety of resources that help teachers integrate the arts into their school days.


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