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Teacher Advisors: The Act One Ambassadors


At Act One, our programs are advised by true experts in the field: the Act One Ambassadors Teacher Advisory Board.  

Act One Ambassadors understand arts education is an essential aspect of a student’s overall development. It is a catalyst for understanding an individual’s creative potential and a subject for cultural and historical inquiry. Arts education is inclusive of dance, theater, music, visual arts, working studios, nature, anthropology, mixed media, art history, and art criticism. Because of this, the pedagogy of arts education naturally ties into standards and core curriculum. This committee has conversations surrounding topics on teaching and learning through the arts, in support of Act One’s organizational mission and core values.  This committee is comprised of practicing teachers to add their expertise and voice to our work. 


This committee is filled with forward-thinking, innovative classroom teachers (PreK-Higher Ed.) and art educators from around Arizona, who teach in a variety of educational settings from tribal to rural to urban and grade levels from early childhood through postsecondary. They teach a variety of subject areas from ceramics to general education fourth grade. 


  • Advocates for the Arts in education for all children and for Act One initiatives. 
  • Helps guide education decisions for Act One. 
  • Provides a sounding board for collaboration and local partnerships. 


The team meets bi-monthly to provide input on classroom realities and provide advice on our programs and plans; for example, program evaluation systems and the content and accessibility of our field trips. 


  • Attend Act One events and meetings. 
  • Share your expertise.
  • Take Act One field trips – VR and in-person.
  • Follow our social media channels and share info with other educators.


  • Exclusive Act One swag. 
  • Featured on the Act One website and socials.
  • Serving on a statewide nonprofit advisory board looks great on resumes. 
  • Help Act One shape future programming. 
  • Opportunities to work with local arts and cultural organizations 
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