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Tancer “Arts in Education” Award

In accordance with the National Arts in Education Week celebration, Act One will be hosting our first inaugural Tancer “Arts in Education” Award, which is an arts educator award this fall in memory of philanthropist and past Act One member, Robert “Bob” Tancer.

Bob Tancer was an active Act One Board Member, believing in the organization’s mission and working on the committee to expand the educational depth of the field trip experience. Bob passed away as Covid-19 entered the country, with arts groups halting all live performances and, obviously, student field trips. He fervidly believed that the classroom teacher had the opportunity and responsibility to build on the field trip experience both before and after, tying it to the current life, talking about what was happening at the time of the performance, and why the message of the performance was important and relevant to today’s world. Bob saw the tremendous role the teacher played in making the experience rich and educationally rewarding.


2021 Inaugural Tancer Arts in Education Award Winner Taryn Tidwell!

Congratulations to Taryn Tidwell of Shepherd Junior High School in Mesa for being the first inaugural winner of the Tancer Award. Tidwell is the choir and musical theatre director at the school, and is a cancer survivor and a passionate advocate for the performing arts.

Tidwell is a powerful voice across the state for the importance and impact the arts have on the overall learning and social emotional well-being of students. Her mission as an educator is to provide meaningful and memorable musical experiences and opportunities to students in order to empower them to gain confidence, create lasting friendships, and become active members in their future ensembles, careers, and communities.

Taryn will receive:

💰 $1,000 Monetary Award
📚 Changing Hands Bookstore Gift Certificate
🎨 Original Piece of Art
🎟 Tickets from Arts + Culture Partners ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🚍 Field Trips from Arts + Culture Partners

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Tancer Top 5 Nominees!

Top 5 Nominees for the 2021 Tancer “Arts in Education” Award.


Katherine Fizz | Pinnacle High School
Steve Wallgren | Willow Canyon High School
Taryn Tidwell | Shepherd Junior High School
Michael De Alba | Dobson High School
Maria Henry | Justine Spitalny STEAM School

Thank you all for applying and nominating an educator!

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