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SPARKS Monthly Giving Club

Why Give Monthly?

Your monthly gift to Act One sparks the imaginations of children on field trip experiences throughout the school year.  Act One field trips unite the work of educators and artists to produce sparks – those “aha” moments of learning and inspiration. Sparks may occur at any point in the field trip experience – in the classroom, on the bus to the city, at a new venue and during the performance or tour. Sparks often give rise to an artistic passion, career possibility, greater tolerance or critical thought process. Month after month, you ignite sparks that inspire children for life!

Multiply Your Impact with Monthly Giving

Your gift of $10 sends a child on an Act One field trip. The simple act of making your gift monthly sends 12 children to the arts in a year! Increase your monthly gift to $15, and you’ll pay for an entire classroom, while $45 per month will fill a school bus.

What Sparks Club Donors receive:

  1. Ease of budgeting for charitable giving
  2. Convenient and reliable donation processing
  3. Trip Tracker timely email reports about field trips taking place each month
  4. Act One in Action newsletter emailed quarterly

How Sparks Club Donors help Act One:

  1. Greater financial security from your ongoing dedication to our mission
  2. Better planning and budgeting for field trips based on your dependable support
  3. Lower fundraising costs and less waste due to fewer mailings
  4. Increased efficiency leads to bigger impact – more SPARKS for KIDS!
Quotation Mark

“I have a class of students with Autism who come from low SES homes. I know that was a rare and deeply enriching experience for my kiddos. Live instruments, singing, audience engagement/ participation, exposure to their own culture in a way that they most likely have never experienced before.”

— Charmaine Orona, Osborn Middle School
Took 80 7th and 8th graders on a field trip to Jarabe Mexicano at ASU Gammage

Monthly Giving