Musical Instrument Museum

4725 E Mayo Blvd | Phoenix, AZ 85050


Schools can choose from four tour options during the 2018-19 school year. All tours at the MIM are available Monday – Friday from September through May. Tours are held at either 9:30 am or 11:00 am. See below for descriptions.

Tour Option #1: Trailblazer Self-Guided Tour 

Design the perfect day for curious students. Chaperones help ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. Check out complimentary cardboard frames for a teacher-led observation activity in the galleries, or print a gallery worksheet.

Max. Group Size: No capacity
Grades: K-12
Tour Length: 120 minutes

Tour Option #2: Musical Menagerie Guided Tour

Students find their musical ‘wild’ side! Together, they’ll discover objects in the galleries decorated like animals or made from animal materials, like a bumpy crocodile zither, a flamboyant red lion costume, or a rattle-snake snare drum. Students get creative and get moving as they participate in a musical story.

Max. Group Size: 120
Grades: K-2
Tour Length: 120 minutes

Tour Option #3: Discovery Guided Tour

Musical instruments aren’t just for song and dance – they can tell us stories of musical journeys across the globe throughout human history. As students explore MIM’s five major Geographic Galleries, objects on display reveal their histories as well as the daily lives of people throughout the world.

Max. Group Size: 150
Grades: 3-12
Tour Length: 120 minutes

Tour Option #4: Exploring Ensembles: Bands and Orchestras Guided Tour

Music students explore the origins, adaptations, and parallelisms of orchestra and band ensembles from a global point of view. Students can examine the world’s first complete 3-D-printed miniature symphony orchestra. They also learn the beginnings of instrument types such as clarinets, horns and trumpets, kettledrums, and bowed lutes.

Max. Group Size: 150
Grades: 6-12
Tour Length: 120 minutes


Additional Information

Lunch Options: The museum does not have an interior or exterior space where students can eat their lunches. Groups are recommended to eat lunch at nearby Paradise Valley Park.

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