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The Transportation Gap

Transportation costs are the biggest barrier to school field trips. Title 1 schools simply do not have budget capacity. Yet, the arts are an important piece of a well-rounded education, and students at these schools deserve the same arts experiences as their more affluent peers.

Your Gift Makes the Magic Happen

An Act One field trip is an inspirational and educational experience for students. It starts with lessons in the classroom that prepare them for the field trip. The bus ride fills the children with anticipation for a journey beyond their neighborhood. After getting off the bus, they walk into the museum, theatre or concert hall, looking excitedly around. Once seated for a performance, they take a collective gasp when the curtain rises and watch with awe. A spontaneous cheer erupts at the end, followed with applause. On the bus, they’re all talking about the experience, and back in the classroom, teachers channel students’ ideas and energy into creative projects.

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