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Get on the Bus!

Act One’s primary objective is to offer a solution that provides access to the arts. At its foundation, Act One levels the playing field for children in under-resourced schools by providing a bridge to hubs of community vibrancy that are performance halls and museums.

Since inception, Act One’s purpose has been to provide in-person field trips to arts performances and experiences for pre-K to grade 12, students from Title I schools in both Maricopa and Pima counties. We manage all logistic for teachers and only charge $1 per student to ensure finances are not an obstacle.

Over the past two years, Act One has seen a considerable rise in the transportation costs for the Title I schools that attend our arts field trips in Phoenix and Tucson. This increase in cost is largely due to a massive shortage in school buses, drivers, and other related expenses. These challenges, which were magnified by the COVID pandemic, make fulfilling our mission of providing arts experiences to students a greater challenge.

To meet the transportation requirements of our robust arts field trip schedule, Act One sometimes has no other option than to book charter buses, which are three times more expensive than the average school bus. In order to maintain our full schedule of arts experiences for Title I students for the 2023-2024 school year, we will need your help!

The Get on the Bus! Campaign is an opportunity for you to help more than 20,000 students this coming school year, learn from live arts field trips. We invite you to make an investment in the education and lifetime experiences of these children.

Our goal is to raise $80,000 to cover the additional transportation costs needed to fulfill the full field trip schedule for Phoenix and Tucson. Will you help them Get on the Bus?

Giving Possibilities:

  1. Any Amount! We appreciate your support of our mission!

  2. $500 ensures one bus of up to 50 students, get to their planned art activity.

  3. Gifts of $1000 will receive a thank you card from students and recognition on our website.

  4. Gifts of $5,000 will receive photos of the student experience, an invite to attend one of the field trips they made possible, and recognition on our website, social media and in the Act One donor newsletter.

  5. Gifts of $10,000 or more will receive a commemorative Get on The Bus plaque, a student thank you, an invite to attend multiple field trips and naming recognition on multiple platforms as an ACT ONE BUS DRIVER for the possibilities their gift made for the children.



The Burton Family Foundation


The Stephan Family Fund




Christina and Stephen Burroughs
Ardie Evans
Bill Sands


Judith Brown
John Clifford
Andrea Crane
Mike Kasser
Nora Leone
Anne Stupp

$499 and Under

Stacy Barraclough
Kim Beagle Graham
Hope Beck Goldsmith
John Bernal
Peter Buseck
Bernadette Carroll
Susan Collins
Janis Eisner
Mary Foote
Ellen Gould
Stephen Johnson
Beth Maloney
Priscilla Marquez
Heather Patenaude
Lea Márquez Peterson
Judy McDermott
Anne Osborne
Rita Purson
Michele Rebeor
Linda Saperstein
Dagny Taggart
Janene Van Leeuwen
Charles Warshaver
Rachel Yanof

While we encourage general support of the Get on the Bus Campaign, donors can designate their support towards Tucson or Phoenix Field Trips. For more information about the field trips in each city, please contact Bernadette Carroll, Executive Director, Act One at
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