Culture Pass Guidelines

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The Checkout Process

1. Use your library card at any participating library location to check out a Culture Pass. Libraries have a limited number of passes for each organization. Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis in person, and cannot be renewed or requested through interlibrary loan.

2. For Museums/Attractions: Visit the Culture Pass display at the library and choose the museum/attraction you would like to visit. Bring this card to the circulation desk for check-out. Please note: This card WILL NOT admit you to the museum.

The library will give you a date due receipt that admits two people free to that museum/attraction. This library-generated receipt is your pass and provides you free admission for 2. The pass expires on the date due listed on your receipt slip. If there is no date due on the slip, it expires 7 days after the checkout date. Slips will not be reissued if lost. The slips do not need to be returned to the library.

3. For Performances: Only select libraries carry the performance passes. Most Metro Phoenix library systems that have multiple libraries distribute performance passes from only one library. The Pima County Public Library system distributes Performance Culture Passes at the Joel D. Valdez Library.

Choose the card for the performance you would like to attend and bring that card to the circulation desk for check-out. The library will give you an instructions/voucher sheet that provides instructions to redeem your Culture Pass for free tickets. You must follow the instructions in order to receive your free tickets. Your instructions/voucher sheet will not be reissued if lost. You will need to provide the voucher portion of sheet in exchange for your tickets.


1. For most libraries, if you are a resident of the county where it is located, you can get a library card with proof of residency. That means that even though you live in one city, you can get a library card at another city’s library system.

2. Most of the Culture Pass library partners list Culture Passes like a book in their circulation system. That means you can search the library’s online catalogue to see what Culture Passes are available and which are checked out.

3. Performance Culture Passes are placed in the displays for checkout about 2 weeks prior to the first performance date. Placement timing for Culture Passes is at the discretion of the libraries.


1. Only one Act One Culture Pass may be checked out per person or family/household per loan period. The loan period is 7 days. Additionally, only two Culture Passes may be checked out per person or family/household per month.

2.  Museum Culture Passes are limited to general admission only. Special exhibitions and events may not be covered. Please check with your destination for restrictions prior to your visit.

3. Culture Pass library-generated receipts (or instructions/voucher sheets for performances) cannot be reissued if lost.

4. The red cards in the library Culture Pass displays ARE NOT VALID for museum admission and should not be removed from the library. Taking these cards is like taking a book without checking it out. The museums will not honor these passes as they haven’t been checked out through the library.

Culture Pass Guidelines