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COVID-19 Update 3.30.20

Arts in Education, Culture Pass

Dear Friends of Act One,

As you can imagine, the impact of COVID-19 has had a serious impact on our mission at Act One, especially with the shuttering of schools, libraries and arts and cultural institutions across the state. Our daily work coordinating arts field trips for tens of thousands of students from Title 1 schools in Phoenix and Tucson has come to a halt, and we have had to cancel all free Culture Passes for the last half of March and April.

As we wait for this critical time to pass, we are using our social media platforms to share the amazing virtual opportunities spreading across the globe – virtual tours, arts lessons, interactive experiences and live concerts all created by artists and arts organizations to maintain vital access to the arts. By sharing these virtual experiences, Act One is engaging new audiences, of all ages, every day.

As we wait, we are reaching out to our arts organization partners, libraries, teachers and administrators and letting them know that we are here for them, as a resource, a partner and a vital part of our community fabric that believes access to a well-rounded education, including the arts, is critical to every child’s development. The support among our arts cohorts is astounding as we all share best practices and resources for financial support during these times of struggle.

As we wait, we are also reimagining what access to the arts means to our audiences. What can Act One learn from this experience, and how can we grow to improve our services to ensure all Arizona children have access to the arts? Our Board and Staff are in weekly contact brainstorming innovative ways to grow Act One to meet the ever-changing needs of our times.

As you can imagine, we are ready to get back to work with our arts partners, libraries and schools to serve and provide access to the arts for all, especially the most vulnerable children of Arizona, and we hope that you continue to maintain your support of Act One during this critical time. Make a commitment to donate monthly, like us on social media and share our posts (@act1az). The arts are about sharing experiences, and together we can draw on the power of the arts to get us to the other side.

Wishing you all health and wellness,

Bernadette Carroll
Executive Director