Charitable Giving Strategies

An Act One donor may employ charitable giving strategies from a complex portfolio of investments. Common strategies are described below.* Contact us to see if your giving strategy falls within Act One’s Gift Policy.

Asset-based Giving

Act One accepts marketable securities such as stock and mutual fund shares. Some donors benefit from giving securities that have appreciated in value. Securities donations to Act One may be a tax-efficient way of giving. Download the securities donation form to give to your advisor.

Individual Retirement Accounts

For donors over 70 1/2, your IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is eligible for a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to Act One. Whereas an RMD is taxed as Ordinary Income, a QCD reduces Ordinary Income by the amount of the gift. Checks from your IRA must be made payable to Act One and include our 501(c)(3) tax ID number 45-3560706.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds are an increasingly popular repository of charitable donations. Donors can make contributions toward their donor advised fund before the end of the year and recommend grants be disbursed to individual charities later. Contributions are tax deductible, and investments grow tax-free. Act One receives grants from donor advised funds at many sponsoring organizations.

* Descriptions are provided for information purposes only, as Act One is not qualified to give tax advice. We recommend you consult your CPA prior to making any tax decisions.

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Charitable Giving Strategies